How often do you think about your dryer vent? Not too often, right? Well, the thing is dryer vents are an important component of the dryer’s overall health. This component requires periodic maintenance to ensure that your dryer performs to the best of its ability. If not, your dryer won’t last too long. At Universal, the air conditioning team consists of well-equipped technicians who perform dryer vent cleaning services on a regular basis. They compiled a list of the most common signs that it is time to clean those vents. 

The Dryer Takes Forever to Dry the Clothes

So you reach into the dryer to grab that beloved shirt of yours and run off to work but everything in there is STILL substantially damp. Isn’t that just a tad bit frustrating? What is the reason for this issue? 

Well, one of the reasons certainly points to a clogged dryer vent. Start by checking the lint tray and if it is full of accumulated lint, clear it. If that doesn’t help, you will need to contact a Universal Air and Heat tech to help improve the dry cycle by performing a duct cleaning service. 

There’s a Burning Smell When the Dryer is Running

A burning smell can be pretty alarming while your dryer is working. That smell is most likely the result of accumulated lint that got out of hand. Unfortunately, cleaning the lint tray isn’t always enough. The vent must be cleaned or it will cause the lint to burn up, which will travel to the dryer itself. 

In the worst-case scenario, a clogged dryer vent can cause a home fire. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about 3,000 home fires across the country are caused by a dryer vent. 

Our advice? If you smell that burning smell during the operation of your dryer, call Universal Air and Heat techs as soon as you can. The rate at which you get help will determine the safety of your home and the longevity of your dryer. 

The Dryer is Very, Very Hot

If touching your dryer is a near health hazard during its operation, your dryer vents may be the problem. Clogged dryer vents make the dryer work two or three times harder than it was designed to perform. As a result, it will get hotter and hotter until you begin to smell that burn coming from the dryer. 

What’s even worse is that you may end up having to replace your heater if it wears out faster than it is expected. But, if the vent ends up burning, it will need to be replaced as well. Basically, you will end up paying very high costs simply for not clearing those vents!

Lint Coming from the Vent Opening

If you see lint coming from the vents, please be assured that this is NOT normal. This is your surefire sign that your vents are clogged and are one cycle away from burning. In this case, you will need to contact Universal Air and Heat air conditioning repair to get the lint cleared and your dryer restored. It is best to avoid using the dryer until the cleaning service is performed.

The Vent Hasn’t Been Cleaned in a Year

Dryer vents are to be cleaned at least every 12 months. There is great merit in this recommendation because dryers work very hard year-round to dry your clothes efficiently. If you allow your vent to get overly clogged, all the above-described events will take place in your home. 

A potential fire, a broken dryer, musty clothing, and high energy bills are all the result of clogged vents. All of that can be avoided with proper maintenance and cleaning. 

Universal Air and Heat Air Conditioning Repair 

Have you been witnessing any of these signs when using your dryer? If so, contact Universal Air and Heat today to set up a duct cleaning service. Our technicians will be able to check the status of your ducts and walk you through every step of the cleaning process. Promote comfort and safety in your home by making that call today!

With the advancement of science and technology, the HVAC industry continues to expand its various methods in which to create a comfortable, warm and safe environment inside the home. In recent years, there have been many discoveries and developments that have made it possible to choose from a larger selection of heating and cooling tools. In today’s world, ground-source heat pumps are a popular method for heating and air conditioning. 

At Universal Air and Heat, we have become the expert when it comes to ground-source heat pumps. This article will provide you with all the information you need about this unique HVAC system and why you should consider it for your home.

Ground Source Heat Pumps Defined

Ground source heat pumps are one of the coolest heating and air conditioning systems available on the market. They work by transferring the heat from the earth into your home to provide the cooling or heating it needs. This process works well regardless of the weather outside and regardless of the temperatures you desire inside the house.

How Do These Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are a series of coils and loops that are installed into the ground. They consistently have refrigerant fluid, running through these loops that will cool or warm the thermal energy that is absorbed from the earth. Once the energy is treated by the refrigerant fluid, it will enter into the home through the ductwork system. 

Why Consider a Ground Source Heat Pump for Your Home?

So why would you want to consider getting a ground source heat pump installed on your property? Isn’t that just a fancier HVAC system? Can’t you just get by on a standard AC unit?

Well, it is true that you can get by on a standard AC unit in your home, but these heat pumps offer great benefits that will impact the health of your wallet, the planet, and your comfort levels. Check out the benefits, that these heat pumps offer below:

Energy Savings

One of the biggest reasons that ground source heat pumps are starting to attract a lot of attention among homeowners is that it is a renewable energy source. It makes use of the earth’s natural energy sources and reduces energy expenditures in the home. This will certainly reduce the carbon footprint of your house, but will also help you get the most out of your HVAC system, even when you are using it at maximum capacity.

Savings on Utility Bills

Because ground source heat pumps require only the earth’s thermal energy, they will not need to use any electricity or gas that is provided to your home. As a result, you will see great savings on your utility bills. It is said that some homeowners save up to 70% on their utility bills with these geothermal heat pumps. Because many people prefer to spend their finances and other ways, this benefit is especially attractive to many people who choose these pumps.

Quiet Performance

If you like a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, then ground source heat pumps will be especially beneficial to you because of their quiet performance. Unlike traditional HVAC units, geothermal heat pumps do not require an outdoor unit to produce the cooling or warming atmosphere in your home. They are also fully insulated, which blocks off the operational sounds. Every component of heat pumps that are installed in the ground is made with noise-canceling technologies that help keep the noise down to a minimum.

Great Reliability

Because these types of heat pumps are installed into the ground, they are made with very durable equipment. They are not prone to interference. Outdoor HVAC units typically are and are hidden away from animals, debris, and other objects that would otherwise hurt their structures. Additionally, ground source heat pumps require very little maintenance and can last up to 20 years, serving your home with long-lasting, optimal comfort.

UAC Air Conditioning

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