Thanks to the recent legislation passed by the U.S. Government, handling the costs of installing the heating and cooling is now easier. The recent enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has been designed to provide some financial relief for these expensive investments. If you’re getting ready to install a new HVAC system at home or in your business, learn how to take advantage of this year’s federal tax credits. 

What is this Inflation Reduction Act?

It isn’t a secret that we are in the middle of another inflation. The US Government passed the Inflation Reduction Act in response to the difficulties that rapidly rising prices pose for many Americans. This law offers businesses and homeowners a selection of tax credits and rebates that incentivize them to make high-energy-efficient upgrades. Not only does this help individuals cut costs, but it also takes steps toward decreasing their carbon footprint.  

Tax Credits Available Internal Revenue Code Section 25C 

The Inflation Reduction Act provides up to $2,000 in tax credits for those who purchase any range of energy-efficient upgrades from 2023 to 2032. To take advantage of this tax credit, you must select an HVAC product that meets the energy-efficiency ratings set forth for your state. Below, we provide the criteria and the maximum tax credit amount available for each ENERGY STAR-certified product in Florida. 


A maximum $600 tax credit is available for gas-fired forced air furnace purchases with a 97% AFUE rating.

Air Conditioners

The following air conditioning systems can qualify for up to $600 in tax credits if they meet the following standards:

  • Split AC – with SEER 2 ≥16.2, EER2 ≥12, 
  • Packaged AC – with SEER 2 ≥15.2, EER2 ≥11.5

Heat Pumps

You can earn up to $2,000 in tax credits when you purchase these types of heat pumps that meet the required ratings: 

  • Split Ducted Heat Pump – with SEER2 ≥15.2, EER2 ≥11.7, HSPF 2 ≥7.8
  • Non-Ducted Heat Pump – with SEER2 ≥16, EER2 ≥12, HSPF 2 ≥ 9
  • Packaged Heat Pump – SEER 2 ≥15.2, EER2 ≥10.6, HSPF 2 ≥7.2

Income Based Rebates

These tax credits sound impressive, but it doesn’t stop there. The government also designed a High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program (HEEHRP), which is a program that provides rebates on purchases of heaters, air conditioners, and even generators based on how much a household makes in comparison to the total median income. Currently, you can qualify for either a 100% or 50% rebate based on the following criteria:

100% – Household income must be 80% of the total local median income 

50% – Household income must be between 80% to 150% of the total local median income 

0%  – For those who make over 150% of the total local median income. 

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These programs will be available for as long as their funds exist. Call us now to learn how to take advantage of this offer while upgrading your home’s HVAC equipment. Live comfortably while spending less with the help of the provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act. Contact us for help with your purchase and installation needs at (813) 945-8791


In general, when people set out to set up their homes and lifestyle, they do everything they can to ensure that they are set up for a life of success and happiness. This involves making a good income, finding a home that fits their needs, and ensuring that everything in it is as it should be – perfect. Many people refer to this process as putting their “ducks in a row”, meaning they are  checking off the essentials for a healthy and happy life. Yet, when going through this process, few people think about the condition of their air ducts, which play a significant role in the quality of the air they breathe at home. Luckily, with Universal Air & Heat, that worry is largely alleviated thanks to our innovative Aeroseal Services. Read on to learn why you need these services in your home. 


Understanding Aeroseal 

Aeroseal is a relatively new innovation in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. This specialized technology comes in the form of an aerosol spray. When it is applied to the ducts, it sprays out in a mist that gradually builds up and seals any holes and cracks from the inside of the ductwork. This entire process is automated and controlled by a computer, which ensures that the sealant is applied evenly in ducts. 

Aeroseal is highly effective, leaving less than 2% of leakage left compared to the 10% of other forms of sealants. It lasts up to 40 years and helps reduce energy waste, enhance the performance of air conditioners, and, most importantly, improve indoor air quality. 


Aeroseal Improves Most Indoor Air Quality Concerns


Leaky air ducts are a big problem that leads to multiple other issues like a worn-out air conditioning system, high energy bills, and a chronically dirty home. When you invest in Aeroseal services, you will find that many of these issues will be resolved or improved. 


Unpleasant Odors or Lingering Smells

The air passing through the ductwork is unfiltered and can often carry dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants. If your ductwork has any cracks, that unfiltered air will seep through and lead to poor odors. Once those cracks are sealed by aeroseal, you will see a significant improvement in how your home smells. Those unpleasant odors will be history, and you will be free to enjoy a good-smelling home. 


Excessive Dust or Dirt Buildup on Surfaces


Leaky ducts create the nuisance of a chronically dusty home. You will find yourself dusting and cleaning at every chance you get. Aeroseal works so effectively that it will prevent all that dust from building up in your home. The cleaning process will be quicker and you won’t need to dust your furniture quite as often.


Frequent Respiratory Symptoms


When the home is inundated with dust, you will find yourself and your family members experiencing respiratory symptoms like allergies, asthma, and other respiratory symptoms. You may also experience dizziness and headaches due to poor indoor air quality. However, these issues will be resolved with the highly effective Aerosealing services provided by the best technicians in the area. 


Other Reasons to Invest in Aeroseal Services

Indoor air quality depends on effective aeroseal services provided by UAH technicians. But it’s not just the indoor air quality that benefits from these services. Below are a few other benefits of investing in Aeroseal services in your home: 


  • Enhanced HVAC system performance
  • Less frequent repairs
  • Longer lifespan of the HVAC unit
  • Increased energy efficiency 
  • Decreased energy bills


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Are you ready to resolve the issue of poor indoor air quality and excessive dust at home? If so, contact Universal Air & Heat for a free consultation and estimate. With the help of our technicians, the comfort of your home will be quickly restored. We will walk you through every step of the service and fix all of your indoor air quality concerns.




Refrigerant fluid lines are the lifeline of the air conditioning unit that keeps the function of the AC stable, allowing it to produce consistent temperatures throughout the home. The majority of the time they work perfectly, but sometimes there are issues that need to be addressed. This is especially common in older units that have served the home for a while. As the area’s experts in air conditioning repairs, we dedicated this blog post to refrigerant fluid lines. Here, we will discuss some of the most common issues you can expect when it comes to the refrigerant fluid lines in your AC unit. 


Refrigerant Fluid Leaks

Leaks are one of the most common issues you can expect with refrigerant fluid lines in an AC unit. These types of leaks can occur due to a variety of factors including poor installation, corrosion, or damage to the line. If a leak is detected, it is important to address it as soon as possible to prevent the refrigerant from escaping. 


Refrigerant fluid is very poisonous and if ingested, it can cause adverse health outcomes. The increased levels of dampness or moisture from the leaks can also contribute to mold growth. As a result, if you notice a leak coming from your AC unit, contact a Universal Air and Heat air conditioning tech to help fix the issue.




Refrigerant fluid lines can develop clogs. The problem can sometimes be explained by dirt and contamination in the lines, preventing the fluid from flowing freely and providing cooling to the air. However, if the refrigerant food lines are frozen, the accumulated ice will also prevent proper fluid flow. 


Using specific tools and chemicals, air conditioning technicians can clear out these types of clogs. We do not recommend trying to repair this issue yourself because you will need specialized training and tools to do so. Plus, most states require that refrigerant fluid is handled by a certified professional. 


Poor Insulation


Poor insulation of refrigerant fluid lines in an AC unit can cause a range of issues, including increased energy, consumption, reduced performance, and decreased efficiency. Insulation is important because it helps to maintain the temperature of the refrigerant, preventing it from escaping or condensing in the line. Poor insulation will need to be replaced or repaired to ensure that refrigerant fluid lines are properly protected.


Poor Fluid Levels


Refrigerant fluid levels must be set appropriately in order to ensure optimal comfort levels in your home. If there’s too much refrigerant fluid in the lines, your lines may end up freezing and preventing proper airflow, as we discussed above. Additionally, if there isn’t enough fluid in the refrigerant fluid lines, your air conditioning system will not have enough support to cool the home. As a result, you may end up feeling a little warmer during the summer months when you expect your AC to cool your house. If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact a Universal Air and Heat air conditioning repair tech today to have this issue investigated and resolved.


How To Prevent Issues With Refrigerant Lines


Thanks to modern technology and advancements in the HVAC industry, problems with refrigerant and fluid lines are few and far between. In fact, most of these issues can be avoided with a proper maintenance routine for your AC system. We strongly recommend a routine maintenance check at least once a year to ensure that your AC has the proper refrigerant fluid levels and that all the components are aligned appropriately to deliver the comfort levels in your home. 


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We all love a sound, functioning air conditioning system, but it is probably safe to assume that neither of us enjoys dealing with AC repairs. After all, it is inconvenient and largely uncomfortable, especially if it is hot outside. Luckily, there are ways to prevent these issues. Here at Universal Air & Heat, we have compiled everything we know about AC compressors and what causes their early damage. Read on to learn how to help your AC work better and more efficiently.

What Is An AC Compressor?

The AC compressor is the most important component of the entire HVAC unit. In fact, it can be explained as the heart of the HVAC. Its function is to compress the Freon, or refrigerant fluid, and send it back to the refrigerant lines to cool the hot air extracted from the home. 

Air conditioning compressors are a unique and effective technology that helps us stay calm and comfortable in our homes throughout the summer. If you keep with a regular air conditioning service tune-up, your AC compressor can last you anywhere between 10 to 15 years. 

These Issues Damage the AC Compressor

To get the most out of your AC compressor, you must know what leads to its damage. Below are the top factors that cause your AC compressor to fail prematurely. 

Dirty Coils

The coils within the AC unit accumulate dust, grime, and debris. If it isn’t cleaned in a timely manner, you will find yourself calling an air conditioning service for a repair. That accumulation of dust and dirt weighs down the coils and blocks the proper airflow, which in turn weighs on the compressor, which has to work harder to cool the home. This issue will lead to poor air conditioning efficiency, excessive repairs, and a shorter lifespan for the AC compressor and the whole unit. 

Clogged Refrigerant Lines

Sometimes refrigerant lines get clogged and are not able to move the refrigerant fluid through the lines. As a result, the AC cannot produce the needed cooling air for the home. However, the sensors in the unit will continue to pick up the warmer temperatures and trigger the compressor to work harder. This will wear down the compressor much quicker, leading to a needed air conditioning service repair. 

Poor Freon Levels

Poor levels of freon in the refrigerant lines will also wear down the AC compressor faster than necessary. Refrigerant fluid is very necessary as it is the chemical substance that cools the absorbed, hot air flowing through the AC unit. As it flows through the fluid lines, it will be treated by freon and released into the ductwork system. 

If there isn’t enough freon, the air won’t be as cool as necessary to make a difference in the home’s temperatures. This will necessitate the AC to work much harder than usual. 

On the flip side, too much freon can also be a problem because it can cause the refrigerant fluid lines to freeze. That freeze will create a blockage of air. As we already know, this blockage of air will wear out the AC compressor as it will increase its function to compensate for the lack of air. For this reason, it is important to have a maintenance check conducted by a local air conditioning service as it can prevent such problems. 

Electrical Problems

Certain electrical problems can also lead to AC compressor failure. If your AC unit is old, the wiring system might be a bit frayed or worn out. This will cause power failure and cause the AC compressor to shut down randomly, without warning. Perhaps a one-time occurrence of this problem won’t be that big of a deal, but if it happens frequently, your AC compressor will eventually give out. This issue isn’t very easy to pinpoint without the proper training and education. Thus, you will need a professional AC tech to help you out. 

Air Conditioning Service in Tampa, FL

Have you noticed that all the aforementioned issues are the result of poor air conditioning maintenance? If you are in need of a regular tune-up or even a repair, contact Universal Air & Heat for the leading AC repair services in Tampa.