Air Conditioning Repair & Air Duct Cleaning Jupiter FL

Air Conditioning Repair & Air Duct Cleaning Jupiter FL

We Repair All Brands of Air Conditioners and Provide Air Duct Cleaning in Accordance With NADCA Standards

Universal Air and Heats provides high quality, same day air conditioning repair service in Jupiter FL. When your air conditioning system is not cooling, we consider it an emergency in Jupiter Florida where the Air conditioning repair ft lauderdale flaverage temperatures are often in the mid 90’s throughout most of the year. No cool calls are a priority to us and we will dispatch one of our air conditioning repair technicians immediately. With a large fleet of fully stocked air conditioning repair and installation vehicles you can be sure we will have your AC unit cooling the same day and do the work right the very first time. We are one of the largest air conditioning repair, installation and air duct cleaning service companies in the state of Florida with one of the largest air conditioning service areas of any of our competitors. We offer the air conditioning repair services you need at a very competitive price. We are licensed, insured, A+ rated, EPA Certified, FPL Independent Contractors and NADCA Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists. All of our professional air conditioning repair technicians are employees of the company. We do not use sub contractors! This is to ensure the highest quality AC repair service every time. After we provide any type of air conditioning repair, installation or air duct cleaning service our quality assurance team will call you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the caliber of our work and the professionalism of our air conditioning repair, AC unit installation or air duct cleaning technicians.

As NADCA certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists, we perform all of our air duct cleanings in accordance with NADCA standards. That means you will receive the highest quality air duct cleaning service. Universal Air and Heat uses the latest state-of-the-art air duct cleaning equipment available. We thoroughly sanitize all of our air duct cleaning equipment between homes to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. Did you know that indoor air is 90% more polluted than outdoor air? Having an annual air duct cleaning is an important step in keeping your indoor breathing environment as free of  of dust mite and allergens as possible. If you are a smoker, have allergies or respiratory illness, having your air ducts cleaned will significantly help to improve your indoor air quality and you will notice the difference immediately. We also have many indoor air quality products such as germicidal UV lighting and electrostatic air filters to help keep your indoor air as clean as possible throughout the entire year.

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