Air Duct Cleaning Procedures

Step by Step Air Duct Cleaning Procedures

NADCA Certified Air Duct Cleaning Service In Tampa, Florida
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Universal Air and Heat uses the newest, most powerful, state of the art air duct cleaning machines available. Our newest RotoBrush, BrushBeast air duct cleaning

NADCA Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialistsmachines have 90% more power than the original RotoBrush air duct cleaning machines.

Our new HEPA filtered, RotoBrush BrushBeast high speed brushes to help decontaminate your HVAC system’s duct work by knocking off every piece of dirt, dust and debris using our high speed rotation.  We have specialized brush sizes to fit every type of ductwork and the newest RotoBrush BrushBeast is safe for all types of ductwork.

every piece of air duct cleaning equipment is thoroughly sanitized after every job to ensure there is no cross contamination between homes.

We are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) so when it comes to your home or office indoor air quality you can rest assured that you have chosen a professional air duct cleaning company that will  perform the work in accordance with National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards.

All air duct cleaning services are performed by one of our certified (ASCS) Air Systems Cleaning Specialist.

Our certified, professional air duct cleaning technicians undergo advanced weekly training using the newest and most advanced air duct cleaning methods

using the latest technology.

Our air duct cleaning technician will assess your air conditioner duct work and suggest the best air duct cleaning method to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Universal Air and Heat does air duct cleaning one way, THE RIGHT WAY!

Here is what to expect when schedule your air duct cleaning with Universal Air and Heat


Before We Arrive
Prior to arriving at your home, every component of our air duct cleaning equipment has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent any cross contamination between homes.

Duct Cleaning: Step 1

Universal Air and Heat Air Systems Cleaning Specialist arrives at your home on time, in uniform with a picture I.D. tag. All of our duct cleaning technicians are employees of Universal Air and Heat to ensure the work will be performed to the highest standards, in accordance with NADCA, and our quality is consistent every time you call.

Duct Cleaning: Step 2
Our highly trained, professional air duct cleaning technician will carefully review the duct cleaning services you have requested.

Duct Cleaning: Step 3

Before the air duct cleaning, our technician will educate you about the importance of indoor air quality and available air purification products available in order to keep your air as fresh and clean as possible between air duct cleanings.

Duct Cleaning: Step 4

Universal Air and Heat uses the newest, most powerful Rotobrush BrushBeast air duct cleaning equipment available. Our RotoBrush BrushBeast air duct cleaning machines are 90% more powerful than other brush vacuum cleaning units and reaches 52′ into each duct to thoroughly brush and vacuum the even the smallest particulates and debris from the surface of your air ducts for the deepest cleaning available.

Duct Cleaning: Step 5
We respect your home. Our certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists will prepaire your home for service by wearing protective shoe coverings, covering floors with drop cloths and placing corner guards where needed. We will ask you to move any objects in the area so as not to be damaged by our equipment.

Duct Cleaning: Step 6

The technician carefully removes the vent / grill from each air vent before cleaning and takes photos. We will the proceed  to thoroughly wash and degrease them before re-installation to ensure maximum cleanliness

Duct Cleaning: Step 7

Your air duct cleaning technician will explain how we thoroughly clean the HVAC system using a variety of  tools for every type of heating and cooling system.  Ask us about our thorough air handler cleaning package to ensure your every component of your indoor unit stays as free of dirt, dust microbial growth buildup as possible

Duct Cleaning: Step 8

Our Rotobrush BrushBeast machines are equipped with a variety of soft and stiff bristle brushes in sizes ranging 4′ to 30″ to accommodate all sizes and types of ductwork. The technician inserts the Rotobrush air hose with the correct brush size and bristle type, which loosens dirt from the duct walls and vacuums the dust and dirt to the containment system. The powerful high pressure, specialized, HEPA filtered vacuum in combination with high speed 450 RPM rotating brush dislodges the dirt and debris from the surface of your ductwork while vacuuming all dislodged contaminants into our containment system, while exhausting 99.97% clean air.

Duct Cleaning: Step 9

High pressure vacuum in conjunction and specialized brushes are used to so that the vacuum can pull all the dirt and debris it into the containment unit in accordance with NADCA standards.

Duct Cleaning: Step 10

Using our Rotobrush BrushBeast air duct cleaning machine, all ducts are thoroughly cleaned without the need to create new holes in your access panel that would otherwise need to be sealed, plugged and patched when the work is completed. The technician inserts the Rotobrush air hose with a soft, but sturdy brush, which loosens dirt from the duct walls and vacuums the dust and dirt to the containment system in accordance with NADCA standards. We then replace your freshly cleaned vent / grills and the work is complete.

Duct Cleaning: Step 11

All of our technicians are equipped with Ipads and take before and after pictures of your ductwork, evaporator coil and air handler components for review. We will perform a test to check for microbial growth inside your air handler. After cleaning, the technician will print out a detailed job report of the work performed and review it with you to answer any questions and to make sure you are satisfied with the job.

Duct Cleaning: Step 12

After the work is complete you will enjoy noticeably cleaner fresher smelling air and know you are breathing improved indoor air. Please go online to Google and leave a review. Your feedback is important to us.



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