Air Handler Cleaning

Air Conditioner Air Handler Cleaning

Cleans Microbial Growth, Dirt and Debris From Your Air Conditioning Unit Air Handler (Indoor Unit)

As NADCA Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists we offer many indoor air quality products and services to help reduce indoor air pollution and keep your entire air conditioning system clean and fresh.

NADCA recommends cleaning the other components of the HVAC system as well, including the air handler’s blower motor, evaporator coil, and drain pan. Cleaning these components, along with cleaning or changing the filter, will improve the air quality in your home as well as extend the life and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

ai conditioner evaporator coilThe importance of changing your air conditioner air filter on a regular schedule cannot be overstated. When your air filter get dirty it restricts air flow to your evaporator coil which will in turn causes the AC unit to freeze.The same will happen when your evaporator coil gets clogged with dirt. It is the one of the biggest causes for air conditioning malfunction.
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NADCA states that a thorough cleaning should take about three hours. While the service might cost more than what an uncertified contractor charges for a brisk cleaning, the results of a cleaning performed according to NADCA’s best practices will justify the time and cost; as properly trained and certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists, we will perform the job thoroughly and carefully, ensuring that your ductwork winds up clean and undamaged.

The components inside your air conditioning unit air handler are the collection point for accumulated dirt and dust in addition to becoming a breeding ground for microbial growth. We will inspect your air handler and recommend the services that will help keep your indoor air quality as healthy as possible. In addition to air duct cleaning we also offer air handler cleaning services which include:

  • Coil Cleaning
  • Air Handler Liner Cleaning
  • Drain Pan Cleaning
  • Blower and Fan Cleaning Services


dirty air conditioner fan dirty air conditioner fan

Fan and Blower Before


AC unit fan blower cleaning service fan blower motor cleaning uahac

Pull out and disassemble cleaning, full of spores and microbial growth


dirty air handler liner before air handler cleaning




clean air handler liner cleaned air handler liner
Clean AC Fan




This air handler liner had full visible microbial growth and needed to be HEPA vacuum cleaned and treated with a microbial treatment for reconditioning (look at the top and bottom of the inside panel liners on the before and after pictures)

Universal Air and Heat provides the indoor air quality products and services you need to help prevent the build up of contaminants within your air conditioning system and keep the air you and your family breathes as clean as possible.


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