Every summer, without fail, we hear about people who have to deal with air conditioning problems. Whether it’s a broken compressor or simply not enough cold air coming out of the vents, these problems always seem to happen at the worst possible time. If you’re lucky, your problem is a simple one that can be fixed with a little bit of DIY know-how. But more often than not, AC problems require professional help. Let’s take a look at the most common and costly AC problems, and provide some tips on how to avoid them. 

AC Condenser

Frozen condenser coils

One of the most common causes of air conditioning problems is a frozen condenser coil. To avoid a frozen condenser coil, be sure to change your air filter every month. Over time, dirt and debris accumulate on the coils and restrict airflow.

If you think that your condenser coils are frozen, don’t ignore it as it may lead to more expensive problems such as an overheated compressor or other system malfunctions.

Dirty air filters

One of the most common causes of air conditioning problems is a dirty air filter. A clogged air filter will restrict airflow, which can cause more damage to your HVAC system. If the blower fan begins to make noise, this is another sign of a clogged air filter.

If your AC system frequently stops working even though you have replaced the filter, it means that it has reached its maximum capacity and needs to be professionally cleaned. It’s important to change your air filter every month to ensure that your AC is running at peak efficiency.

Leaky ducts

Leaky ducts are another common cause of air conditioning problems. A leaky duct can cause your system to freeze up or short circuit. In severe cases, a leaky duct can even start a fire. This is usually caused by an improperly installed duct. If the seams are not properly sealed, your AC won’t be able to work efficiently.

Fixing a leaky duct can be quite costly, but it’s important to deal with the problem right away because it can create many other problems if left unresolved for too long.

To prevent leaky ducts, be sure to have your ducts inspected and sealed every few years. If you do have a leak, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

AC Thermostat

Issues with the thermostat

If you aren’t able to control your air conditioning unit with the thermostat (e.g. there’s no power or your remote doesn’t work), this may be a sign of more serious problems such as incorrectly installed wiring or faulty blower fans. To fix these types of problems, you’ll need to call in an expert such as a professional HVAC technician for assistance.

Faulty Thermostat

If you are having issues with your thermostat, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. First, make sure that the thermostat is properly plugged in and that there is power going to it. If it’s not getting power, check the fuse box or breaker panel to see if it has tripped.

If the thermostat is getting power but still isn’t working, try changing the batteries in the remote control. If that doesn’t work, the thermostat may be faulty and need to be replaced.

It’s also possible that the problem may be with your HVAC system. When in doubt, call an expert to troubleshoot and repair any problems you are having.

Clogged evaporator coils

Clogged evaporator coils are one of the most common air conditioning problems. They can cause a lack of airflow coming from the vents or the system to freeze up, which will result in a complete shutdown. To avoid a clogged evaporator, be sure to change your air filter every month. Over a long period of time, dirt and debris accumulate in the evaporator coils and restrict airflow. Dirty cooling coils can also cause mold build-up which will further impede the flow of cold air from your vents.

If you think that your evaporator coils are clogged, don’t ignore it as it may lead to more expensive problems such as an overheated compressor or other system malfunctions.

Incorrect refrigerant levels

Incorrect refrigerant levels are another common cause of air conditioning problems. If the refrigerant levels are too low, the system will not be able to cool down your home. If the levels are too high, the compressor can overheat and cause extensive damage.

Adding refrigerant to an AC system is a complicated process that’s best left to the pros. However, you can avoid incorrect refrigerant levels by regularly checking your unit and having it serviced in the spring.

If you think that your refrigerant levels may be incorrect, it’s important to have them checked by a professional. Incorrect refrigerant levels can be very costly to fix, so it’s best to deal with them as soon as possible.

Compressor failure

Compressor failure is one of the most common and costly AC problems because in most cases, the coils can be cleaned with a garden hose. But if they’re severely clogged, you may need to call in a professional.

Service vans


So, what’s the best way to avoid these costly AC problems? Make sure you get your annual maintenance done on time. Annual air conditioning service is a great investment in comfort and efficiency. Plus, it’ll help keep any potential repairs down during those hot summer months when everyone wants their AC running at full blast! We’re happy to take care of all your air conditioning needs so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted cool season this year. Give us a call today at (813) 549-0328 – Our Universal Air and Heat team in Tampa would love to work with you!

Energy Savings Tips – Air Duct Cleaning Saves At Least 11 Percent On Your Annual Energy Costs

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning a home or small commercial building is requires a lot of energy.

duct cleaning pompano beach flYour HVAC (heating, air conditioning and Ventilation) system accounts for 30 percent of the energy used in an average home or small building. In addition, heating and cooling larger dwellings accounts for up to half of the energy use. On the whole, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are by far the largest sources of energy use within a home or building. Heating and air conditioning systems tend to be the most important and expensive investment we make to our property but somehow, we take it for granted and most heating and cooling systems tend to be poorly maintained. These systems, which are used every day of the year, get dirty and can become heavily contaminated with dirt, dust, animal dander, and more.

Your HVAC (heating, air conditioning and Ventilation) system accounts for 30 percent of the energy used in an average home or small building.

Believe it or not, heating and cooling systems in new homes and buildings are often heavily fouled before occupants move in due to construction debris. Contaminated heating anddirty air conditioner blower cooling systems contribute to poor indoor air quality in the form of increased airborne particulates and reduced comfort. Fouled systems have to work much  harder due to decreased air flow which makes them more prone to failure. When it comes to having a productive, energy-fan blower motor cleaning uahacefficient heating and air conditioning system, air flow is king. Increased air flow equals better performance. When HVAC systems become fouled, air flow is reduced. Dirty filters, clogged coils, fouled blowers and other components impede air flow and and make your air conditioning unit work harder and result in increased energy costs.

The solution is to have the heating and air conditioning system professionally cleaned by a NADCA certified Air systems Cleaning Specialist. Professional cleaning for a heating and air conditioning system entails cleaning not only the ductwork, but also the vents, registers, blower, coils, and other complete cleaning of the heating and air conditioning system is a highly specialized duct cleaning service that differs from the routine maintenance provided by the air conditioning technician sent out to clean and adjust the air conditioners. Complete cleaning of the heating and air conditioning system is important to ensure your air conditioning system continues to operate at peak efficiency. Call Universal Air and Heat to thoroughly clean your air handler components. 866-999-2665

So how much does it cost to operate a fouled heating and cooling system?

piechart_ac_energy_costsThat is the question asked by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), a not-for-profit association representing companies around the world that inspect, clean and restore heating and air conditioning systems. In 2008 NADCA initiated a project with researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) to conduct an in-depth study of this issue. Researchers conducted two field trials to assess the accuracy of the computer model.
Through this process, researchers came to realize that there was no comprehensive data available to quantify the savings that can be achieved through cleaning of heavily-fouled systems, typical of systems regularly encountered by NADCA members. (For purposes of this research, “Heavily-fouled” systems are defined as systems where complete cleaning results in a pressure change of at least 30 percent. Pressure change is simply an easier way to measure air flow.)
The calculations in the computer model were based on data collected from lightly-fouled systems – systems that are not very dirty.

According to the results of the study, cleaning even lightly-fouled systems can produce substantial energy savings. These findings are based on complete cleaning of heating and cut your cooling costs duct cleaningair conditioning systems in accordance with NADCA’s ACR 2006 Standard, which includes cleaning ductwork, coils, blower, other air-side system components, and changing the filter. Based on the initial research, cleaning a lightly-fouled system provides, on average, an 11 percent savings off of the energy used for heating and air conditioning systems.

Researchers have proven that cleaning even lightly-fouled heating and cooling systems can result in energy savings of 11 percent. Cleaning heavily-fouled systems is expected to produce an even greater savings than cleaning systems that are essentially clean. In addition to these savings, consumers who have their heating and cooling system cleaned can benefit from improved indoor air quality, reduced maintenance costs and extended life expectancy for the heating and cooling system. While not yet confirmed, cleaning
heavily-fouled systems is expected to produce even greater energy savings.


Air Duct Sanitizing – Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthier New Year

Did You know? That 40 lbs. of dust can accumulate in the average 1500 sq ft home in 1 year?

magnified dust mite in air conditioner duct workThat dust is likely to contain dirt, allergens, bacteria, fungi, mold and approximately 40,000 dust mites per ounce,” says Richard Lantz, an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist and a director at the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Every time you use your heating or cooling system, these allergens circulate in your home, which can lead to fatigue, sinus complications and asthma. A professional air duct cleaning by a NADCA certified company is recommended at least every two years.

After you have had your air ducts cleaned we highly recommend having your air ducts sanitized with Sporiciden.

Sporicidin is FDA 510(k) cleared, EPA registered for hospital use and compliant with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards.sporicidin This product is registered for mold and mildew remediation, air duct cleaning, water and flood damage restoration, and for use in institutional, commercial and home environments. EPA listed as Swine Flu, Avian (Bird) Flu and regular Influenza A disinfectant and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Disinfectant. (see label or MRSA Disinfection Bulletin) Sporicidin® has been used in hospital, medical and dental environments since 1978 and provides 99.9% kill of disease and odor-causing microorganisms for up to 6 months after treatment.

Our air conditioning refresh service that includes a 24 point AC tune-up, light coil cleaning and disinfecting with with Sporiciden.

Universal Air and Heat Air Duct Cleaning Helps To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution!

air duct cleaning south floridaAs NADCA certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists, we will educate you about indoor air pollution and explain how our air duct cleaning procedures may help to improve your indoor air quality. Your air conditioning duct system functions as the respiratory system of your home. Dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander and other airborne contaminants are pulled into your system every time your air conditioner runs. Over time, these contaminants build up inside your duct-work, making your system a breeding ground for mold spores, bacteria, fungus, mildew, and other microbes, which are then re-circulated through your home, impacting the health and comfort of your family. Those who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments, especially children, the elderly and birds are vulnerable to the effects of indoor air pollution.

  • 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. (American College of Allergists)
  • Levels of air pollution inside the home can be 2 to 5 times higher, and occasionally 100 times higher, than outdoor levels. (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • One out of six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to the fungi and bacteria in air duct systems. (Health Magazine)

Universal Air & Heat uses the newest state of the art Rotobrush BrushBeast air duct cleaning machine which is 90% more powerful than other Rotobrsh machines. Our qualified team of professional air conditioning technicians can help eliminate microbes, spores, mildew and fungus to ensure that your air conditioning system is free of all contaminants and bacteria. Having your ac air ducts cleaned regularly will give your home or business a healthy breathing environment.

Universal Air and Heat makes air duct cleaning affordable and has one of the largest service areas of any of our competitors in Florida. We proudly serve Miami Dade County FL, Broward County FL, Palm Beach County FL and Tampa FL.

Universal Air and Heat offers Air Duct Cleaning services in accordance with NADCA standards so you can rest assured your will be receiving the highest quality air duct cleaning service.

Our Air Duct Sanitizing will protect your indoor breathing environment using Sproricidin, a non-toxic, anti microbial sealant that will seal protect duct-work from microbial growth and prevent the dirt, mold, mildew and fiberglass debris from polluting the air your breath.

Universal Air and Heat is committed to improving indoor air quality at an affordable price. We sell only the best quality Indoor Air Quality Products to help ensure your  indoor air stays free of pollutants.

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