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The Benefits of AC Maintenance

We all know how expensive air conditioning units tend to be. The average homeowner can pay depending on the type of system they get and other factors. Because air conditioning is so expensive, proper maintenance is important as it allows you to get the most out of your investment. 

At Universal Air and Heat, we have seen all the repairs and replacements that have convinced us more than ever that maintenance is vital. Below, we describe the main reasons why you should consider scheduling an AC tune-up today

Extend the Lifespan of the AC Unit

The first reason for keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule for your AC is that it maintains and extends its lifespan. During the inspection, your Universal Air and Heat technician will be able to pinpoint any issues and make the necessary repairs preventing them from growing into bigger problems. If repairs go without the proper attention, your unit will wear out faster and eventually break down.

An average AC unit lasts between 15-20 years. If you want to maximize the time you get with your present unit, a regular maintenance check will help you do that. 

Minimize the Number of Repairs

AC maintenance will also help you minimize the number of repairs you will need over the course of its lifespan. During the maintenance inspection, your technician can see potential small problems and fix them on the spot. This will prevent bigger and more costly problems in the future that will make you rush to get a technician over to your home. The cleaning that is done during a Universal Air and Heat maintenance service will ensure that your AC runs smoothly at all times. 

Maintain Efficiency Levels

During a tune-up, your AC technician will clean the various parts of your unit and ensure that the refrigerant fluids are at appropriate levels. This will help you save money in the long run because these same steps maintain the efficiency of your unit. When the coils, filters, or ducts are dirty, they make the AC work harder and, thus, increase your energy bills. In today’s economy, few people have the extra funds or desire to pay extra bills, and a regular maintenance check will help keep bills to a minimum. 

Maintain Good Air Quality

Another benefit of a Universal Air and Heat maintenance visit is that it will help maintain indoor air quality. This is because air filters get clogged with dirt, dust, and debris that infiltrate the air when the air conditioning unit is working. This debris can cause adverse health consequences like increased allergies, coughing, asthma, headaches, and other upper respiratory issues. 

Your technician will also inspect the air ducts and the unit overall for leaks and potential mold, which can also be dangerous to your health. This small step in your AC maintenance can be the difference between your overall health and the work of your unit. 

Clear Out Pests

Your home in sunny Florida isn’t attractive to just your friends and family but to pests as well. During the summer, bugs love to get inside the home, which causes a significant nuisance. It’s unsanitary, and few people enjoy sharing their homes with pests like flies, ants, and mosquitoes. When they get into your vents, filters, or other AC unit parts, they can affect their work. Your tech from Universal Air and Heat will check for these pests and ensure that they are cleared out of your unit. 

Keep the Noise Levels at Bay

If you are waking up at night because your AC is loud, you may need a maintenance check to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Sometimes the buzzing, rattling, or banging is a symptom of a needed repair, and a tech will help you out with these concerns. Live your life comfortably inside your home and keep up with those AC tune-ups!

Universal Air and Heat

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