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    • A/C Leak?
    • Water Stains Under Sink, Under Windows, Or On Walls?
    • Plumbing Leak? Toilet Overflow?
    • Paint Bubbling? Musty Smell?
    • Baseboards Separating From Wall?

    Our Emergency Services Include:

    • Water damage clean-up
    • HVAC mold restoration
    • Water damage mitigation
    • Mold remediation & mold testing

    At Universal Restoration,

    we utilize cutting edge technology to mitigate your damage and we document the entire loss, then communicate directly with your insurance company to help complete the process.

    The unique process involves some steps


    A/C Water Leak



    Customer Files Insurance Claim



    Restoration & Remediation



    HVAC Mold Remediation



    Paid Claim = Rebuild A/C to Pre-loss Condition


    Kitchen Water Leak



    Customer Files Insurance Claim



    Restoration & Remediation



    Paid Claim = Rebuild to Pre-loss Condition


    Water Damage FAQ

    Universal Restoration is a professional, licensed, fully insured, and trustworthy company of with which to do business. We pride ourselves on our reputation and have an excellent reputation amongst clients and our peers. Every employee is customer oriented and we rely upon our expertise, experience, and knowledge to get your property back to pre-loss conditions as quickly as possible.
    Every job and property layout is different and so are the prices for drying out a commercial or residential structure. We will give you our standard price sheet prior to doing the work.
    It’s very un-common for you to get dropped if you file a legitimate insurance claim. However you can always just call your insurance agent and purchase a new policy as there is many insurance companies on the market.
    Most importantly your main focus should be to mitigate the loss and get everything dried out right away, it states in your policy that you must mitigate your damages to your property. Start by shutting off the water to your house during a water intrusion and call a company like ours to come dry the structure out after a water loss. Mitigating the damages is definitely more important than making the phone call to the insurance company at the time of loss. Remember this is our specialty and we do this every day, we will help you through the process so please keep our number handy 866-999-2665
    The dry out process typically takes between 3 and 5 days to completely dry a out structure. The process really depends on the amount of water that damaged your property has incurred and for how long it has been there. Typically its between 3 and 5 days for a proper dry out.
    No not necessarily. Your in an emergency situation, its not time to price shop. You need to mitigate the damage right away in order to help prevent mold growth and further damages. Our prices and relatively close with industry standards and we are fair with everyone. Our response time is fast and the quality of workmanship is second to none, that’s most important. After you mitigate the damage such as turning off the water to the structure, then call us at Universal Restoration at 866-999-2665 to help you through the processes and procedures.
    Please call your mortgage company and find out what documents they require in order to get the check signed off on. Typically they need a signature guarantee and the copies of our contractor Package. We submit all the supporting documents to you as well as directly to the insurance company to make the entire process as smooth and convenient as possible for you.
    CALL US! 866-999-2665 Mold can be hazardous to your health as well as anyone who enters a contaminated structure. Health and safety are our main concerns, call us immediately once you see or smell mold.
    Typically within 24 to 48 hours after you file the claim you’ll get a call from the insurance adjuster, they will want to come out and inspect the cause of loss as well as the damages so don’t start to rebuild until after they have completed the inspection process. They will come to your property and take lots of pictures as well as measurements of the affected areas. They will then process all your information in order to calculate the rebuild cost estimate. You’ll want to stay in contact with them so make sure to get all the contact information from them so you can follow up for updates on the status of your claim.
    No, please do not touch the machines. You will need to leave the equipment running for the entire time in order to achieve a proper dry out. The machines are designed to run day and night as they are the priority drying solution to your loss. It’s imperative that you leave the equipment running until your dry out professional determines the dry out goal has been reached. We will come back daily to monitor the site and record the drying status of all affected areas.

    Drain Line Cleaning

    During the summer, when it’s humid, it’s normal for your AC to drain anywhere from 5-20 gallons of water per day. It’s completely normal for your AC to drain 5-20 gallons of water outside of your home (via the condensate drain pipe outside your home or office). It’s NOT normal for your AC to drain any amount of water inside your home or office (around your indoor AC unit on the floors or attic). Want a professional to assess your AC system to make sure everything is working properly?

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    If your AC is draining water outside It’s simply just doing its job. Your AC is responsible for cooling and dehumidifying your home or office. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, so to dehumidify your home, your AC pulls the water out of humid air and drains that water outside.

    Here’s how:

    Below, we’ll explain both of these scenarios in more detail.

    The AC condensation process:

    • Step 1: Your AC pulls warm/humid air into your air handing indoor unit and that air blows over the evaporator coils.
    • Step 2: The heat from that air is absorbed by the refrigerant and carried outside.
    • Step 3: When the hot & humid air hits the indoor air handlers evaporator coils, the water in the air gathers on the coils and drips into a drain pan, located below the evaporator coils.
    • Step 4: Once that water has gathered in the drain pan, it drains out of your home or office via the condensate drain line and is dumped outside using the condensate drain pipe.

    So, if it’s humid out and you notice water pooling in your yard around the AC condensate drain, this is normal. All it means is that your AC is working hard to dehumidify your home.


    If water is draining from your indoor AC unit…
    …there is likely an issue with your AC system, like a:

    • Rusted, cracked or damaged drain pan
    • Clogged condensate drain line pipe (lack of semi annual maintenance or stubborn clog in the pipe)
    • Frozen evaporator coil (which usually indicates a refrigerant leak)
    • Damaged or clogged condensate pump (lack of semi annual maintenance & pump clean out)
    • Improper pitch of the drain (after the AC unit leaks the base the unit sits on (if wood) starts to sag which leads to improper drain pipe pitch)

    This image exemplifies how a clogged condensate line can cause your AC system to leak water inside your home

    Our suggestion?

    Turn your AC system off and reach out to a professional at Universal Air & Heat to come check out your system and diagnose the issue. Even if there is only a little bit of water around your indoor AC unit, it could cause larger issues down the road if it isn’t repaired ASAP. We offer AC leak repairs with full dry out restoration service and mold remediation Services if needed.

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    If you live in Florida and want a trusted professional to come and check out your AC system, contact us! With 23 years of experience in the industry, we will be able to quickly determine why your AC is leaking and repair it in no time. We work with most insurance companies and offer direct billing with no up front cost.

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    • We charge fair prices for top quality air conditioning service, AC installations, Air Duct Cleaning and AC Repair service.
    • We have A state wide AC license, state wide mold remediation license, state wide mold assessor license, we carry top of the line insurance policies on our vehicles and general liability to protect your home, We carry the best workers Comp insurance money can buy for our employees and you can rest assure if anything happens in your home we have proper coverage.
    • We promise to be the overall best value
    • Our AC technicians are certified
    • We’re NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified
    • We offer air conditioning repair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Top 5 Rheem Pro Partner in the nation company.
    • We have 24 years in business since 1997
    • We have 60+ employees to serve you with 40 trucks on the road




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