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What Causes AC Compressor Damage

We all love a sound, functioning air conditioning system, but it is probably safe to assume that neither of us enjoys dealing with AC repairs. After all, it is inconvenient and largely uncomfortable, especially if it is hot outside. Luckily, there are ways to prevent these issues. Here at Universal Air & Heat, we have compiled everything we know about AC compressors and what causes their early damage. Read on to learn how to help your AC work better and more efficiently.

What Is An AC Compressor?

The AC compressor is the most important component of the entire HVAC unit. In fact, it can be explained as the heart of the HVAC. Its function is to compress the Freon, or refrigerant fluid, and send it back to the refrigerant lines to cool the hot air extracted from the home. 

Air conditioning compressors are a unique and effective technology that helps us stay calm and comfortable in our homes throughout the summer. If you keep with a regular air conditioning service tune-up, your AC compressor can last you anywhere between 10 to 15 years. 

These Issues Damage the AC Compressor

To get the most out of your AC compressor, you must know what leads to its damage. Below are the top factors that cause your AC compressor to fail prematurely. 

Dirty Coils

The coils within the AC unit accumulate dust, grime, and debris. If it isn’t cleaned in a timely manner, you will find yourself calling an air conditioning service for a repair. That accumulation of dust and dirt weighs down the coils and blocks the proper airflow, which in turn weighs on the compressor, which has to work harder to cool the home. This issue will lead to poor air conditioning efficiency, excessive repairs, and a shorter lifespan for the AC compressor and the whole unit. 

Clogged Refrigerant Lines

Sometimes refrigerant lines get clogged and are not able to move the refrigerant fluid through the lines. As a result, the AC cannot produce the needed cooling air for the home. However, the sensors in the unit will continue to pick up the warmer temperatures and trigger the compressor to work harder. This will wear down the compressor much quicker, leading to a needed air conditioning service repair. 

Poor Freon Levels

Poor levels of freon in the refrigerant lines will also wear down the AC compressor faster than necessary. Refrigerant fluid is very necessary as it is the chemical substance that cools the absorbed, hot air flowing through the AC unit. As it flows through the fluid lines, it will be treated by freon and released into the ductwork system. 

If there isn’t enough freon, the air won’t be as cool as necessary to make a difference in the home’s temperatures. This will necessitate the AC to work much harder than usual. 

On the flip side, too much freon can also be a problem because it can cause the refrigerant fluid lines to freeze. That freeze will create a blockage of air. As we already know, this blockage of air will wear out the AC compressor as it will increase its function to compensate for the lack of air. For this reason, it is important to have a maintenance check conducted by a local air conditioning service as it can prevent such problems. 

Electrical Problems

Certain electrical problems can also lead to AC compressor failure. If your AC unit is old, the wiring system might be a bit frayed or worn out. This will cause power failure and cause the AC compressor to shut down randomly, without warning. Perhaps a one-time occurrence of this problem won’t be that big of a deal, but if it happens frequently, your AC compressor will eventually give out. This issue isn’t very easy to pinpoint without the proper training and education. Thus, you will need a professional AC tech to help you out. 

Air Conditioning Service in Tampa, FL

Have you noticed that all the aforementioned issues are the result of poor air conditioning maintenance? If you are in need of a regular tune-up or even a repair, contact Universal Air & Heat for the leading AC repair services in Tampa.


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