One of the things that people think the least about is the ductwork at home. After all, it is hidden and until there is a problem with its function, ductwork is forgotten. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. However, there comes a time when every homeowner must carefully consider the condition of the ductwork in the home to ensure that it is not creating problems for the home or AC unit. In today’s blog, we will highlight the importance of air duct cleaning in Boca Raton, and how it can help you enhance the comfort and safety of your home. 

Importance of Clean Ductwork

Ductwork is what makes the function of central air conditioning possible. It is a network of ducts that the air flows through to get to all of the rooms of the house. Thanks to this network, your home will be cooled or heated with consistent temperatures throughout. Here are the key functions of ductwork: 

  • Supplies air to the home
  • Promotes air circulation through the AC system
  • Distributes air evenly
  • Ventilation 
  • Air filtration
  • Controls humidity levels
  • AC noise reduction 

Because of these essential functions of ductwork, keeping it clean is of the highest importance. Below we will go over some of the reasons for doing so. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality 

Ductwork is responsible for circulating air throughout the home, which is one of the top reasons for air duct cleaning in Boca Raton. As time goes on, dust, allergens, mold spores, and other contaminants accumulate on the lining of the duct system. These pollutants will filter into the air when the AC operates, hurting the air quality in the home. When you clean your air ducts, you ensure that your home has the highest quality of air and the healthiest atmosphere for everyone. 

Allergy and Asthma Relief 

If you or any of your household members are prone to allergy and asthma symptoms, air duct cleaning in Boca Raton may be beneficial. Once that accumulation of dust, mites, pet dander, and other allergens is cleared out of the ductwork, the air will instantly feel cleaner. Thus those sensitivities will be reduced and you will find yourself breathing easier at home. The elimination of those triggers will greatly increase your quality of life and overall well being. 

Energy Efficiency

When ductwork becomes dirty and clogged, it can hinder the efficiency of the HVAC system. The buildup of dust and debris restricts airflow, forcing the system to work harder to heat or cool the space. This increased strain can lead to higher energy consumption and utility bills. Clean ductwork allows for better airflow, optimizing the performance of the HVAC system and improving energy efficiency.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Dirty ductwork puts additional strain on the air conditioning system. It wears out the components of the AC, including its compressor, which is very expensive to fix or replace. The compressor has to work harder than necessary to push the air throughout the system, which leads to increased wear and energy consumption. As a result, you may not only end up with poor air quality but with excessive repairs and high energy bills. Now, that is a cocktail of problems that nobody wants in their home. Thus, we encourage you to invest in air duct cleaning in Boca Raton

Odor Control

Are you picking up on odors from cooking, pets, cigarettes, and other sources throughout the house anytime the AC is working? If that is the case, it may be time to have your ductwork inspected and cleaned. These odors circulate through the home with the help of dirty ductwork, which will only resolve with a professional cleaning service. 

In some cases, poor odors are a mere nuisance. In other instances, they are hazardous, particularly if they are of burnt oils or cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke, as many of us know, is most concerning as it leads to secondhand smoking. These issues should be addressed regularly with the help of air duct cleaning in Boca Raton. 

Mold Growth Prevention

Last but not least, air duct cleaning also prevents mold growth in the ductwork. Mold is very toxic and when it begins to grow, it multiplies in ductwork very quickly. Closed and dark spaces like these are very favorable for this harmful fungus to grow and bring along its damage. Boca Raton is also known for its humid climate, where mold is a common occurrence. For this reason, we recommend a regular inspection that is usually conducted during general AC maintenance visits. Keeping the ductwork clean and well-maintained reduces the likelihood of mold growth and its associated problems.

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One of the main components of creating a comfortable space in your home is having a suitable air conditioning unit. With so many types of AC units available on the market, each with unique features and benefits, choosing a unit can be overwhelming. However, when you take the time to research all the important factors of air conditioning installation, the process will be much easier. In this blog post, we will review some key things to remember when choosing a new air conditioning unit for your home. But first, we will help you decide whether replacing your AC is the right step at this time.

When Is It Time to Replace the AC?

So how do you know that your AC needs to be replaced? The answer depends on the unit’s signs of wear and tear. Below are some signs to look for when considering replacing your air conditioning unit.

It is Getting Old

Do you know how old your AC unit is? Typically, an AC unit is designed to last about 15-20 years, depending on the manufacturer and maintenance. The older the AC, the more problems it will begin to present. Once it reaches its maximum lifespan, it will shut down completely. 

Most manufacturers have a place on their website where you can check the age of the AC with its serial number. If you can’t find it, you can ask your local air conditioning installation tech to help you. 

It Breaks Down Frequently

Another reason to consider replacing your air conditioning unit is when it begins to break down more and more frequently. As the air conditioning unit ages, the typical wear and tear will lead to broken or clogged parts. You will find yourself calling a tech more often, and eventually, there will be a problem that will cause the unit to shut down completely, necessitating a replacement. 

High Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bills are skyrocketing, the old AC unit may be the culprit. As the AC ages, its efficiency will decrease. It will begin to consume more energy to produce the same temperatures, as evident in your energy bills. The longer you wait to replace the unit, the more money it will cost you in the long run. 

Poor Performance

Your AC should be producing consistent temperatures throughout the home. If you feel warm in one part of the home but cold in another, the unit is likely underperforming. This is a definite sign of its old age and a need for a replacement. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a New AC

If you’re in the process of replacing your AC, you must keep in mind the following factors as you select the new unit. 

Efficiency Rates

The efficiency of air conditioners is rated by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). Your AC’s efficiency increases with a higher SEER rating. This is good because it won’t consume as much energy, and it will save you money on monthly bills. By the way, the federal government is currently offering tax credits on air conditioning installations of units of high-tier efficiency. Read more about it on the blog. 

AC Size Needed for the Home

Another critical factor to consider is the size of your home. Air conditioners do not come as one-size-fits-all and must be fitted to accommodate the square footage of your home. The technician installing the new unit will help you select the best suited for your needs.

Brand of the AC Unit

The brand of the AC will also play a significant role in the selection you make. Here are the top brands that you have to choose from: 

  • Carrier
  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • LG 
  • Rheem

Budget Constraints

Your budget will also dictate the choice of your new air conditioning unit. Each type of unit is made with various features and benefits that carry its own price tag. For example, central air conditioning is pretty expensive, especially when you also have to install ductwork. Your technician will help formulate a plan for installation that is most in line with your budget. 

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The air conditioning system plays an instrumental role in each home. Given the convenience and the reprieve it provides, many people are willing to pay the money required to fund the purchase and installation of an AC in their homes. 

That being said, air conditioning units are often viewed as investments due to their high price tag and many people prefer to use one unit as long as possible. Thus, many people seek ways to maintain the optimal condition of their unit and one of those ways is through Aeroseal duct sealing

This blog will explore how Aeroseal helps extend the lifespan of the air conditioner in Miami, but first, we will briefly touch on what affects the AC’s lifespan in the first place. 

Factors That Play Into AC Lifespan

The lifespan of an air conditioning unit is typically expected to be about 15-20 years, depending on the following factors: 

  • Quality and installation of the unit
  • Regular maintenance that must be performed at least annually 
  • Usage and demand habits
  • Environmental factors such as exposure to saltwater, corrosive chemicals, air quality
  • Proper sizing 
  • Manufacturer and warranty

How Can Aeroseal Help With the HVAC’s Lifespan?

So how can Aeroseal help improve the factors affecting the lifespan of the HVAC unit? Aeroseal duct sealing uses a special aerosol chemical that expands after application, sealing cracks in a stronger and more effective way. When your ductwork is treated with Aeroseal, it will have less than 2% air leakage, which is fairly impressive when compared to the 10% leakage achieved by other treatments. Here’s how these numbers ensure a longer lifespan for your AC. 

Reduce Energy Loss 

When there is less air leakage through the ductwork, the AC won’t lose as much energy which allows it to be more efficient. Air leaks cause inconsistent temperatures, leading to the AC working harder than necessary to create the temperatures set forth on the thermostat. This problem increases energy bills and wears the unit out faster. The effective sealant provided by Aeroseal is known to help reduce energy consumption, which allows the unit to work more efficiently. As a result, your air conditioner in Miami works smoother and lasts longer in the home. 

Improved Airflow

Leaky ducts hurt the airflow of the air conditioning system, causing the air to leak out in spots where it is least likely expected. As a result, your home will not be as comfortable. The temperatures will not cool or warm as needed, creating a lot of frustration and excess energy bills. Poor airflow is very difficult on the AC’s compressor, which will work under strain to cool or warm the house appropriately. As a result, the unit will wear out faster and will require an earlier replacement. 

Reduced Dust and Indoor Air Quality Improvement

As we mentioned above, external factors such as the environment around the AC unit, play a big role in its lifespan. Any excess amounts of dust and poor air quality wear heavily on the unit because these factors prevent smooth air and refrigerant flow. 

Dust is a big problem with leaky air ducts. When air seeps through the cracks in the ductwork system, it usually brings with itself unfiltered dust and other particles that will cause a stuffy atmosphere. Not only will this cause great discomfort and even poor health outcomes, but it will also hinder the unit’s performance. The effectiveness of Aeroseal will help improve system performance by minimizing the amount of dust and dirt around and within the AC unit. 

Decreased HVAC Maintenance Needs 

HVAC systems with leaky ducts often require more frequent maintenance to compensate for the reduced efficiency. By sealing the leaks, Aeroseal helps restore the system’s efficiency, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. This can save on maintenance costs and improve the system’s overall longevity.

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With summer just around the corner, it is time for us to prepare our air conditioning units for another season of hot temperatures in Florida. By taking a few of the preparation steps outlined in this blog, you will be able to enjoy your home to the fullest when it is hot and muggy outside. Read on to learn about the simple maintenance steps each homeowner should take, from changing the AC’s air filters to scheduling duct cleaning services in Pompano Beach; you can make your home a comfortable haven this summer. 

Is Your AC Ready for the Summer Heat?

In Florida, air conditioning units are used year-round since the temperatures are relatively warm throughout the seasons. However, it gets especially hot and muggy during the summer months. As a result, we recommend that Florida residents ensure their AC is maintained at least once per season. Doing so, you will experience the following benefits: 

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Extended lifespan of the AC
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Savings on energy bills and future repairs
  • A safer air conditioning system

Change the Air Filters

As you prepare for the summer, the first thing you should do is change the air filters in your home. Air filters are essential for cleaning the air that travels through the ducts. They often accumulate debris and dust, which will eventually decrease the airflow and hurt the indoor air quality. If it seems like your air filters are getting clogged too frequently, it may be time to consider hiring duct cleaning services in Pompano Beach. Dirty ducts will always lead to dirty air filters. 

Test the Thermostat

The thermostat gets a lot of wear and tear as it works to regulate the temperatures of your home. We recommend taking the time to clean it of any dust and testing it to ensure it is functioning correctly. If you use a manual thermostat, you may need to change the batteries to prevent system interruptions. We find that thermostat batteries die during the hottest days, and by changing them ahead of time, you can avoid that problem altogether. 

Test Your Indoor Air Quality 

The indoor air quality at home is especially important in the tropical Florida climate. Your home must be prepared to provide the reprieve you need from the hot humidity. The air inside the home must be clean and balanced for the right amount of comfort. When you have your indoor air quality (IAQ) tested, you will know what pollutants are present and in what amount. Most IAQ tests will identify the following pollutants inside the home: 

  • Particulate matter
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Radon
  • Mold and bacteria
  • Formaldehyde 

Upon receiving these results, your air conditioning repair tech may recommend one of the following options for improving your air quality:

  • Improve ventilation by installing ventilation equipment
  • Schedule regular maintenance
  • Perform duct cleaning services offered in Pompano Beach
  • Retest the air quality once more

Clean the Area Around the Condenser

Another preparatory step that you should take before the summer arrives is to clean the area around your outdoor AC unit, also known as the condenser. Make sure that all toys, outdoor equipment, plants, and other items are cleaned and stored at least two feet away from the unit. Doing so will ensure the efficient operation of your unit. If anything gets trapped within the fins and coils of the unit, the AC will have a hard time operating, and its efficiency levels will drop. Thus, it is essential to keep the area clean. 

Schedule Duct Cleaning Services in Pompano Beach

Finally, we encourage you to clean your ducts to ensure that your AC works as efficiently as possible and that your family enjoys clean air. There are many benefits of duct cleaning, including: 

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Prolonged lifespan of your AC unit
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Improved airflow

All of these benefits are worth the investment in this cleaning service. 
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