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Tips to prevent a water loss

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    Tips to Prevent Losses

    Prevent WATER LOSS Inside your Home



    • Dishwasher – check for leaks under the sink where the hose connects to the water supply. Look for evidence of leaks, such as discolored, warped, or soft flooring materials, or water damage to nearby cabinets.
    • Refrigerator – If your refrigerator has an icemaker, make sure the hose connection is securely attached to the water supply line. Also, a wet spot on the floor may be a sign of a crimped icemaker line about to burst.
    • Sink – Replace deteriorated caulk around Sinks, and check the pipes under the sink for leaks. A slow draining pipe may indicate a partially blocked drain that needs cleaning.


    • Showers and bathtub – Remove and replace deteriorated or cracked caulk and grout. Water can leak through these damaged sealants, causing stains or soft areas around nearby walls and floors.
    • Sinks – Check under the sink for leaks from water supply lines or drain pipes.
    • Toilets – Clogs can result from too much toilet paper or objects such as hanging bowl deodorants.

    Basement, Laundry or Utility room

    • Washing machine – Check hoses regularly for bulging, cracking, fraying, and leaks around hose ends. Replace the hose if a problem is found or every 4 years as part of a proactive maintenance program. To help make sure the hose doesn’t kink, leave at least 4 inches (or 11 centimeters) between the water connection and the back of the washing machine.
    • Water heater – Most water heaters last 8 to 12 years. Wet spots on the floor or a rusted tank may Signal a leak. Water heaters should be installed on the lowest level of the home, next to a floor drain, or inside a drain pan piped to the floor drain.
    • Sump pump – Battery-operated back-up sump pumps can help protect against power failure or failure of the primary pump. Test the sump pump before the start of each wet season. Sump pumps are not intended to last more than 10 years and must have some components replaced or serviced within those 10 years.

    Stopping leaks at the source

    • Check for hidden leaks. First, turn off faucets and all water-using appliances, and don’t flush toilets for one hour. Then, record the water meter reading. If the flow indicator (triangular or diamond-shaped rotating button) is spinning or the meter reading has changed while no water is being used, a leaking pipe may exist.

    Prevent WATER LOSS Outside Your Home


    • Keep the roof free from leaves, twigs, and other lifter to allow for proper drainage.
    • Make sure air can flow freely through all roof vents. This will reduce the buildup of heat and moisture and help extend the ((ft of the roof.
    • Keep trees thin med to prevent them from rubbing against the roof or providing excessive shade.
    • Replace missing, curling, cupping, broken, or cracked shingles.
    • Check your attic around flues, plumbing vents, and chimneys for roof leaks, especially if you’ve noticed water stains on the ceiling.

    From the gutters to the ground

    • Clean debris from your gutters and downspouts, and inspect them regularly. Think about installing gutter shields if your gutters frequently fill with debris.
    • Place splash blocks at the end of downspouts to carry water away from the foundation, or add an extra length of downspout if necessary.
    • Every spring; have the air conditioning (NC) system serviced by a qualified contractor. Make sure their service includes inspecting and cleaning the NC condensation pan drain line. Change the air filters on a regular basis.
    • Before winter starts, disconnect garden hoses from all spigots and turn off each spigot’s water supply.
    • Replace any damaged caulk around windows or doors.
    • Repaint wood siding as needed.
    • Fill in any low spots next to the house to help water drain away from the foundation.

    Is Your Home Alone? Keep it Safe When You are Not There

    • In colder climates – tower thermostat to 55 degrees.
    • In warmer climates, set your air conditioner to 85 degrees.
    • Turn off water supply to individual fixtures; i.e. washer, dishwasher, toilets.
    • As extra precaution, unplug toaster, coffee maker, microwave, computer, television.
    • Put lights on timers and/or motion sensors.

    Leaving Your Home in a Cold Climate? Winterize It!

    • Turn off the water – eliminate chance of water expanding and breaking Pipes.
    • Drain all lines by opening all faucets and drain any spray hoses in showers/sinks.
    • Wrap your water heater with insulation or water heater blanket.
    • Put anti freeze in the tank and bowl of toilet If home loses heat and water freezes, it can crack the fixtures.
    • Make sure your smoke detector works and change the batteries.
    • Consider a carbon-monoxide detector.
    • Consider a freeze alarm – will alert if temperature hits 410 before Pipes actually freeze.

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