Reliable HVAC Repair Services in St. Petersburg, FL

HVAC Repair in St. Petersburg

When the air conditioning unit is out of commission in St. Petersburg, FL, the day can quickly turn for the worst! After all, Florida tends to have a hot and humid climate that requires the smooth and efficient operation of an HVAC unit.


Whether you need a repair, a routine maintenance service, or a replacement of your current AC unit, Universal Air & Heat is the HVAC company to go to for first-class, professional, and prompt service. 


Prompt HVAC Repairs in St. Petersburg, FL

You have a broken HVAC unit, and we have the tools, expertise, and long years of experience to bring it back to life. No AC issue is too great for our team of licensed and skilled HVAC technicians. We have served St. Petersburg and its surrounding areas for over two decades! 


When to Call for HVAC Repair in St. Petersburg

Issues that require the expert attention of an HVAC repair technician present themselves in different ways. If you’re wondering if the signs you observe warrant a call to our HVAC repair service company, check out the following signs that normally indicate a problem with the HVAC system: 

  • You hear loud or odd sounds like banging, whistling, water dripping, or screeching.
  • The indoor air quality is stuffy, humid, or carries odd smells of must, mildew, and mold. 
  • The air conditioning unit will not turn on at all. 
  • There is a burning smell coming from the vents. 
  • You see puddles of water around the vents or units. 
  • Your energy bills have increased recently.
  • The cooling temperatures are inconsistent throughout the home.

An experienced HVAC technician, such as the ones at Universal Air & Heat, must investigate these issues. Do not hesitate to contact us for a prompt and lasting resolution to your HVAC repair in St. Petersburg.

HVAC Replacement & Installation 

Whether your current HVAC unit is on its last legs or you are working on completing a new construction project for your new home, our team is prepared to help you make the necessary installations and replacements of your HVAC unit. 

We will guide you through selecting an energy-efficient and technology-advanced air conditioning unit that will last you for many years. We provide a personalized approach to all new installations and HVAC replacements in St. Petersburg, FL, helping our customers select a unit that will fit their needs without exceeding their budget. 

Benefits of HVAC Replacement in St. Petersburg, FL

Replacing a high-dollar investment piece like your HVAC system requires a lot of thought and consideration. If you’re wondering why you should consider an HVAC replacement of your old unit, check out these benefits below: 

Increased Energy Efficiency

A new HVAC unit will be more energy-efficient than your old one, helping you save money on energy bills.

Improved Comfort 

A new HVAC unit will provide better cooling and heating, making your home more comfortable for years down the road.

Reduced Noise

A new HVAC unit will be quieter than an old one because of the use of modern technology in its design. This can significantly improve your quality of life.

Increased Reliability

A new HVAC unit is less likely to break down than an old one, which will save you money on repairs in the future.

Increased Resale Value 

A new HVAC unit can increase the value of your home, which is especially helpful if you plan on selling your home in the future

Your new HVAC unit will help enhance your life by providing higher levels of comfort for everyone inside! Ask us about the FREE AC estimates we offer our St. Petersburg customers!

St. Petersburg HVAC Maintenance Services 

A lasting HVAC unit is well-maintained with the help of regular HVAC services. If you haven’t had your AC unit inspected in over a year, it may be time to schedule your maintenance service now! Call us to get your HVAC maintenance back on track. 

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance 

When you keep up with regular HVAC maintenance services, you will benefit in all of the following ways: 

  • The increased energy efficiency of your HVAC unit.
  • Extended lifespan of the entire HVAC system.
  • Better indoor air quality for your home.
  • Less need for AC repairs.
  • Long-term savings on energy bills and repair costs.
  • Uphold the manufacturer’s warranty

We offer flexible maintenance service packages and plans to our customers in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. Trust Universal Air & Heat with your HVAC needs today!

Are you looking for an expert HVAC company in St. Petersburg, FL? Our HVAC company has been serving the region since 1997 and is dedicated to the safety and comfort of your family. Contact us today to schedule your service with one of our professional technicians.



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