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Indoor Air Quality Resources

Indoor Air Quality Resources

E.P.A Indoor Air Quality Page

American Lung Association

Humidifiers-Dirty Humidifiers May Cause Health Problem

Check Your Cities Pollen Count

E.P.A Biological Contaminant Site

Learn About Airborne Allergens(NIAID)(pdf)

Killer Lurking In Your Home Carbon monoxide

Carpet and Indoor Air Quality(pdf)

Environmental Tobacco Smoke(pdf)

House Dust Allergy (ACAAI)


Indoor Air Pollution Increases Asthma Symptoms, Study Suggests

Thunderstorms And Asthma

Pollution Takes Its Toll on the Heart

Air Pollution Damages More Than Lungs: Heart And Blood Vessels Suffer Too

Monitor the Air – With a Smartphone

House-sharing with microbes.

Heating, Air-Conditioning and Carpets May Be Hazardous to Your Health


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